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May 18, 2008

New SPEW for YOU


It's Monday, and that means it's time for another thrilling installment of The Monday Spew. This week we talk about McDonald's new chicken sammich, Starbuck's new logo, and Joey's new obsession with yeast infections.


Also GOOD NEWS for SPEW listeners who use iTunes/iPod/iPhone. The Monday Spew is now available via the iTunes music store. Now you can subscribe to the podcast, as well as write VERY POSITIVE reviews of it. Just search for "Monday Spew" in the iTunes store or simply follow this link:


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May 04, 2008

Twitter Updates on the Right Hand Side, Yo.

For those of you who actually have a life and don't mess around with Twitter, you can now view my Twitter updates right here on JoeyHeadset.com! Thanks to my EXPERT cutting and pasting skills, I've inserted some code that allows you to view my Twitter updates on the nav-bar to the right.

Enjoy! Or don't.

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May 03, 2008

Twit Me Baby One More Time

See what I did there? That was a reference to a pop song that was popular many years ago. COMEDY GOLD BITCHES!!!

Anyway... if you're like me, you are quick to jump on every imaginable internet trend just as soon as all the cool people are already pretty bored with it. Along those lines, I have hitched my wagon to the epic time-suck that is Twitter. If you would like to "follow" me and my daily activities WHICH ARE VERY EXCITING PEOPLE you can track me down under the name:

(wait for it...)

(you'll never guess it...)

(get ready for a big surprise...)


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May 02, 2008

The Monday Spew #4

Haven't you heard? Friday is the new Monday!


Today we discuss a wide variety of issues, everything from Jay Z's Basketball Beef to Grand Theft Auto IV's pernicious effect on the YOUF of AMERICA. It's bold, in your face podcasting with a hint of tarragon!

Download it NOW.

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