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June 10, 2007

Sopranos Series Finale Spoilers!

A lot of you are anxiously anticipating The Soprano's SERIES FINALE later on tonight. As usual, I received an early copy for review (SHUT UP I DO SO RECEIVE PREVIEW COPIES OF POPULAR TELEVISION PROGRAMS!) and I am now prepared to ruin the ending provide you with exclusive spoilers!


If you are one of those losers who actually prefers to watch TV shows and movies without already knowing exactly what's going to happen, stop reading now.


In recent episodes, life has been hard for Mr. Anthony Soprano. Rival mobsters are trying to kill him and the FBI is looking to put his fat, Italian-American ass in prison. Trapped like a gerbil in a cage, Tony is desperate to find a way out. And, in the series finale, that's exactly what he does.

In the final episode, Tony evades both federal authorities and mafia assassins by hiding out in a convent. DRESSED AS A NUN!


A shocking ending, with HILARIOUS consequences! See Tony, er "Sister Antonia" threaten to wack one of his sunday school students after he suggests the portly Antonia lose a few pounds. See that adorable tyke learn that Sister Antonia doesn't use a ruler to wack unruly students... he uses a Glock! Also check out the wacky hijinx ensue when Sister Antonia has to coach a baseball team of troubled inner-city youths.

We can only hope that this series finale represents, not the end of The Sopranos, but the beginning of a brilliant new spinoff series.

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