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August 10, 2006

Are You Ready for Some (preseason) Football?

Everyone loves football! It's an American tradition, just like mom, apple pie and unilateral military action. Really, the only thing better than NFL Football is NFL *PRESEASON* Football.


Hold on, John Madden, let me explain myself! There are a number of reasons why I prefer preseason games to those of the regular season. Regular season games are rife with stress and pressure. In those games it actually matters who "wins" and "loses". I've always been taught that it's not who wins or loses, but it's how you play the game. That's why I appreciate the preseason contests, where it clearly doesn't matter who wins (and how they play the game doesn't really matter much either).

Another reason why I love the preseason is because you get to see talented athletes you probably won't get to see come October. For instance, FOX is showing a preseason match this evening: the Indianapolis Colts visiting the Eddie Jones Dome to play the St. Louis Rams. Pretty exciting, right? We'll get to see superstar QB Peyton Manning face off against the devastating WR combination of Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt. For one series. Maybe two. No... probably just one.


*BUT*, after that first series, viewers will get to see some other players who are almost as good! Sure, Peyton Manning is pretty talented, but who needs Manning when backup Colt QB Jim Sorgi is widely considered one of the most adequate backups in the league? This is Sorgi's time to shine! Plus, viewers will be in for a thrill if 3rd string QB Shaun King steps onto the field. I was shocked to learn King was still playing professional football... imagine how the fans in the stadium will react!

Of course, many of the players you see during early preseason games won't even make it onto the roster. Many hard-working players get cut during the preseason, so this may be your only chance to see them play. Don't worry though: a lot of the guys who can't make it onto an NFL team still go on to great things. For instance, I heard Maurice Clarett has been doing some exciting stuff since getting cut from the Broncos' preseason squad last year.

So enjoy the preseason while it lasts. After September 7, all the games will be "important" and "meaningful". Where's the fun in that?

Posted by Joey at August 10, 2006 06:31 PM

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