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July 08, 2006

Save Marissa Cooper

Reading Stereogum today, I saw that there was an active and highly organized movement to revive the character Marissa Cooper on FOX's The OC. As fans of the show already know, Marissa was killed off on the season finale of the most recent season -- a very controversial move. By all reports, the character was eliminated because Mischa Barton (the actress who played Marissa) wished to pursue other opportunities. However, this fact has not dissuaded fans of the character from launching a massive (allegedly) internet protest intended to bring the character back next season.


Even though I don't really watch The OC or find Mischa Barton attractive or think she is a particularly good actress, I have been persuaded by the passion of these Marissa fans! In a show of solidarity, I recently posted the following on savincoop.com, the premiere "Save Marissa" website:


I am TOTALLY down with the save Marissa movement! Everyone knows that the only thing worth watching about that show was Marissa and seeing how awesome and skinny she is and that one facial expression she does when she is happy or annoyed or eating some chili fries. MMMM CHILI FRIES (LOL and stuff!)

But oh noes! The season finale of The OC made it pretty clear that she was not breathing and she was bleeding and she really looked pretty dead and not very alive at all! So how will they bring Marissa back to life so that she can once again bless The OC with her skinniness and her ability to make that one facial expression???

I guess they could do the old "it was all just a dream" think but that is SO SO LAME. If they did that I would grab my girlfriend by the hair and smash her head through the TV LOL!!! Also they could have an angel come down from heaven or maybe even Rupert Murdoch himself and they could lay hands on Marissa's smelly rotting corpse and she could come back to life and then they could all go eat chili fries! (MMMMM LOL).

If that doesn't work, they could say that the Coopster actually faked her own death because she was an operative for the CIA and she was on the run from Russian KGB agents or al Queda sleeper cells or something. Then maybe they could do a spinoff series called Marissa Cooper, Double Agent where Marissa FIGHTS INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM through her fashion sense and her skinniness and her ability to make that one facial expression that she makes. Come on, that would be DOPE as HELL!

If the FOX TV executives aren't down with this idea, here's another one: Bring Marissa Cooper back (wait for it!!!) as a ZOMBIE! WOOOOO!!! Come on, how hot would it be if Marissa goes around eating people's brains and maybe Ryan has to go and shoot her in the head and he can't do it because he still LOVES her and then they start to make out and stuff... but instead of having hot teen sex Marissa eats Ryan's BRAINS while making that same facial expression she always makes when she is being dramatic and also when she is annoyed or eating chili fries (or brains)!!!! LOL LOL WOOO!!!!

So come on Fox TV Executives, I know U are reading this. There are as many ways of bringing Marissa back as there are obsessive OC fans who are willing to do internet protests and post on message boards until their VOICES ARE HEARD! Bring back my favorite character or I will start reading BOOKS instead of watching TV. And NOBODY WANTS THAT LOL!

Posted by Joey at July 8, 2006 02:13 AM

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your an ass

Posted by: lauren at July 20, 2006 10:05 AM

She's not coming back

Posted by: mandy at July 29, 2006 01:55 PM

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