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May 18, 2006

What am I Worth?

There was a time people actually believed you could make money from a website.

"But Joey... Money from a WEBSITE? That's impossible!"

It's easy to understand why you might think that, Nameless Rhetorical Device Person. But remember, this was a kinder, gentler time... the 1990s! This was back when venture capital flowed like wine and Seattle grunge music flowed like some other thing that flows like wine. If you had a website, you could be sure that somebody would be willing to invest in it. Hell, you didn't even need a website to get funding -- or a computer, for that matter. If you had nothing more than a piece of crumpled notebook paper with a crude drawing of a webpage... you could still get a few million in seed money. The 90s were FREAKING AWESOME! Sadly, that wonderful decade ended six years ago.

Or did it?

Actually, I'm pretty sure it did -- checked my day planner and everything. However, there is good news: we may be on the brink of a new Golden Age of Internet Profitability! Recently, a friend directed me to this link at LeapFish.com, a website that analyzes the value of internet domain names. As you can see (if you clicked the link), the joeyheadset.com domain name is worth $12,422.00.

WHOOOOO!!!! I'm sitting on a freaking gold mine! I had no idea my domain name was worth so much.

"But Joey... you would never sell out, would you? I thought you were all about keeping it REAL!"

Let me make this perfectly clear: I AM ALWAYS, ALWAYS READY TO SELL OUT. If someone called me right now and offered me $12,422 for the joeyheadset.com web domain, you better believe I would sell it. Fuck, I'd probably sell it for a 6-pack of Schlitz and a bag of beef jerky.

However, before I accept any dried meat products, I should further investigate the true value of this website. After all, the figure mentioned above only reflects the value of the domain name "joeyheadset.com". It doesn't take into account the treasure trove of quality content that already exists on the site! If I charged only $12,422 for this site, it would be like selling an old suitcase for $10 at a yard sale... when that suitcase happens to contain 20 bricks of pure, uncut colombian cocaine! (I have the most popular yard sales in my neighborhood). Once you add in the value of the content, Joey Headset is going to be worth that much more.

In order to prove this definitively, I tracked down a website that calculates the TOTAL WORTH of a website... not just the value of the domain it happens to be parked on. After churning through some complicated calculation algorithms, this Blog Worth Calculator spewed forth the following:

My blog is worth $6,774.48.
How much is your blog worth?

An interesting result. It seems that my whole website is worth $6,774.48 while just the domain is worth $12,422.00. Therefore, I must conclude that the internet-web-humor I've lovingly crafted for your enertainment has actually DECREASED the value of my domain by $5647.52!

Wow. I must really, really suck.

Posted by Joey at May 18, 2006 06:14 AM

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