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May 02, 2006

Growing the Brand

I am proud to announce that Joeyheadset.com has increased its daily web traffic by 226% over the last three months! Don't believe me? Check out this very-plausible looking graph:


That's 3 months of solid growth. Feel the excitement! Catch this feeling! Get on board the buzz-train before it pulls out of the station AND GOES TO SOME OTHER STATION! The steady increase in joeyheadset visitors is remarkable -- especially when you consider this graph, depicting the quality level of Joey Headset content over the same period:


With my website's traffic on the rise, I can finally start looking for new ways to take your money grow the Joey Headset brand. In the area of web-humor-entertainment, Joey Headset is already a well-respected brand with impressive name recognition among key demographics. (key demographics = shut-ins and people with severe emotional problems). In fact, my brand is strong enough to facilitate synergistic expansion into NEW markets. For instance, audiences that already enjoy reading my bitchy TV reviews should also be willing to try my new signature cologne. I'm calling it, "Joey: The Fragrance". It's a bold new scent that SMELLS LIKE SELF-LOATHING. If that works out, I'm also planning to release a line of Joey branded feminine hygiene products.

Another way for me to make money off the Joey Headset brand is through advertising. Lots and lots of advertising.

"But Joey, if you put ads on this site, won't that make you a SELLOUT?"

An interesting and surprisingly complicated question. The short answer is "not really". The long answer is "yeah, pretty much." But keep in mind, there are distinct advantages to selling out. I could use the ad revenue to generate premium, rich-media content and to introduce contests and promotions featuring all manner of fabulous prizes. Hell, I could even use the money to go out and SEE some of the movies I review.

Of course, the operative word here is "could". I could use the extra money to improve the site, but in reality, I would probably just spend it on liquor and video games.

If it turns out the Joey Headset brand isn't strong enough to generate revenue through synergistic marketing and ad-whoring, I guess I could just do like everyone else on the web: sell T-shirts. Everyone loves T-shirts.

Posted by Joey at May 2, 2006 03:22 PM

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