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April 30, 2006

NFL Draft, the Late Rounds

I love the NFL Draft. It's always heartwarming to see how a college education can lead young men to financial success, even when it doesn't lead them to... uh... what's the word I'm looking for? Oh, yeah: Literacy.

Though casual football fans only watch the first round, we *HARDCORE* fans know that the draft doesn't really get interesting until the late rounds. Sure, it may seem like all the best players have already been drafted by the 7th round. It may also seem like most of the good players, the average players and even the merely adequate players have also been taken off the board. Even so, there are always a few IMPACT PLAYERS still up for grabs in the closing moments of the draft. Here are a few of the late-round picks I think are going to make BIG contributions in the 2007 NFL Season.

Nathan Struggs, Cleveland State University
Picked 13th in the 7th Round (221st overall) by the Dallas Cowboys
Position: WR

A 3rd year transfer from Cleveland State Community College, Nate didn't see a lot of playing time for the Cleveland St. Vikings. In fact, he only played in one game -- but his performance in that game was MORE THAN ENOUGH to make a strong impression. During a home contest against the Ramblers of Loyola, Struggs caught exactly one ball -- a 7 yard reception for a first down. Though the play was far from spectacular, this didn't prevent Nate from launching into an excessive "1st Down Celebration", complete with fist pumping, disgraceful taunting and a (surprisingly well choreographed) dance routine. Though he was ejected from the game, Dallas Cowboys scouts knew they had found someone special: a player capable of being a bigger ASS than Terrell Owens (acquired by Dallas in the offseason). Though it is unlikely Nate will see any playing time in the regular season, look for him to be a staple of the preseason squad. The Cowboys hope that Nate's raging ego and lack of sportsmanship might shame Terrell Owens into behaving himself this season. I wouldn't bet on it.

Bucky S. Johnson, Bard College.
Picked 46th in the 7th Round (254th Overall) by the Kansas City Chiefs
Position: "Athlete"

Bucky played one season of high school football, but he's best known as the finest Ultimate Frisbee player ever produced by Bard College (a traditional Ultimate Frisbee POWERHOUSE). Though some NFL scouts doubted the Buckmeister could make the transition from a non-contact game played mostly by hippies to a brutally violent sport played by steroid fiends, the Chiefs took a chance with their final pick of the draft. It was either Bucky, or one of the complete *losers* remaining in the draft pool.

Joey Headset, Swarthmore College
Picked 47th in the 7th Round (255th Overall) by the Oakland Raiders
Position: ???

Yeah... I'm as surprised as anyone about this. I didn't even realize I was draft eligible. Fucking hell, does this mean I'll have to move to Oakland? Maybe I can register as a Consientious Objector...

Posted by Joey at April 30, 2006 11:44 PM

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