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January 16, 2006

Worst Hiphop Song of the Year?

Every January, I look forward to checking out hiphopsite.com's year-ending Best and Worst list. I always find a few quality singles that I had missed during the year... plus it's always entertaining when HHS's editors list the "The Top Five Bitch Moves of the Year".

However, I must object to HHS's selection for the Worst Song of the Year: D4L's hit single, Laffy Taffy.


I'm not saying Laffy Taffy is great song. I'm not even saying it's a good song. The track's lyrics, which feature seemingly endless repetitions of the line "Gurl shake dat laffy taffy, dat laffy taffy", are not particularly strong. However, to be fair, popular music has really worked its way through every GOOD euphemism for ass-shaking. Honestly, every time someone comes up with a new way of telling people to shake their ass, I take my hat off to them - no matter how vulgar or stupid it is. Because without vulgarity and stupidity, everything would sound like another Sarah McLachlan record. Trust me, nobody wants that.

Try it yourself: I DARE you to come up with an original hook for a hiphop club anthem. Not so easy to come up with yet another metaphor for gyrating ass-flesh, is it?

Because this track introduced a truly original new term for jiggling booty, Laffy Taffy deserves better than to be labeled Worst Song of the Year. In truth, Laffy Taffy is the Second Worst Song of the Year. Black Eyed Peas deserves the #1 spot with their infuriating "My Humps" - a song which includes the absolute WORST line in the history of rap music:

"I met a girl down at the disco
she said hey hey hey yeah let's go"

With lines like that, is it any wonder that the group has been upstaged by their own backup singer?

Posted by Joey at January 16, 2006 03:35 AM

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