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January 26, 2006


Have you heard of a TV show called "Cuts"? No? What about "Half and Half"? Maybe you've seen "One on One" or "All of Us"? Any of this sound familiar to you?

Didn't think so.

It turns out, these are all shows on a TV network called UPN. Before you get all excited about this "new" network, I should let you know that A) it's apparently been around for years and B) it's ain't gonna be around for much longer. Come September, the UPN network will merge with The WB to form a new broadcast entity: The CW. This network will feature all of the most popular programming from the WB and UPN. Some shows, such as Supernatural and Veronica Mars, will remain unchanged. However, some of the two networks' less desirable programming will be merged, the best elements of each program combined into one super-program. Here are a few of the new WC programs I'm looking forward to viewing next fall:

What I Like About Smackdown

Amanda Bynes joins a rotating cast of WWE Superstars in a comedy about a sassy teenage girl trying to make it as a pro wrestler. Can Amanda find time for romance in between Flying Elbows and Double Suplexes? Tune in this fall to find out!

Everybody Hates Reba

Reba McEntire plays a single mom with a hilariously sarcastic african-american son. Personalities conflict, cultures clash, and racial stereotypes are proven surprisingly accurate in this half-hour comedy.


If this show fails to attract an audience, The CW has developed another show, "Everybody Hates Fran Drescher" as a possible mid-season replacement.

America's Next Top Superhero

Smallville meets America's Next Top Model as teenage superheros compete for a lucrative crime fighting contract. Judges will include Captain America, Twiggy, and Radioactive Tyra Banks.

Them Gilmore Bitches

It's an urban Gilmore Girls! A 34 year old mom and her 19 year old daughter learn about life and love... together. The new program will replace the original show's all-white cast with a diverse rainbow of mostly black people (and one token latina). Expect less hip banter between mother and daughter, more smacks upside the head.

Personally, I can't wait for The WC. Because, as I always like to say: "Anything's better than reading books."

Posted by Joey at January 26, 2006 04:01 AM

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