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January 10, 2006

Marcus, Marcus, Marcus

Ah... the tribulations and (soon to be literal) trials of former Virginia Tech QB Marcus Vick. Between the underage girls, the drug possession, the driving with a suspended license and the ugly Gator Bowl knee-stomping incident, Marcus has been a very bad boy. Though "bad boys" are generally admired on WB dramas, it turns out that college football programs don't look at them quite the same way - the Hokies kicked Vick off the team last Friday.

No worries though, Marcus quickly declared his intention to turn pro. In order to prove he was serious about a career in professional football, Marcus decided to also get serious about enhancing his criminal record: On Monday, he was charged with three counts of Brandishing a Firearm.

I've got mixed feelings about this move. On one hand, incorporating guns into his criminal behavior is a step in the right direction. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor and marijuana possession are impressive... for a college athlete. However, we all know that college players must "step up their game" if they intend to make it in the pros. While I approve of the basic theme of "weapon brandishing in public", I'm not so pleased with his choice of venue. NFL superstars are known to wave guns around in hot nightclubs, and at lavish celebrity parties... Marcus pulled a gun on a 17 year old kid. And his mom. In a McDonald's parking lot. That's just weak.


According to witnesses, the incident was initiated when Vick and his special lady friend were walking out of the McDonald's and someone directed a disrespectful comment toward the young woman. Marcus, being a gentleman took offense to this, and defended his lady's honor... by pointing a gun at some kid's mom. As they say, it's the thought that counts. However, if Marcus had simply resolved to spend a little (of his brother's) money and take the girl somewhere NICE, perhaps this whole situation could have been avoided. As a general rule, the nicer the restaurant, the less chance that someone is going to say something inappropriate to your date after the meal. I'm not saying he needs to go superfancy and take the girl to the Olive Garden or whatever... but if the kid had simply sprung for Quiznos, he probably would have been fine.

I'm just sayin...

Posted by Joey at January 10, 2006 04:35 AM

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