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October 02, 2005

Six Experiential Phases of a Saturday Night Live Comedy Sketch

1. Sketch begins, Comedic Premise is established. Viewer experiences strong doubts regarding efficacy of Comedic Premise. Still, viewer retains hope that through imaginative execution, Comedic Premise can be effectuated humorously.

2. As Sketch proceeds, viewer's expectation of humor decreases over time (as shown below).


3. Sketch continues, ineffectually. Viewer begins to suspect some kind of comedic misdirection: Is this Metahumor? Anti-humor? Perhaps the lack of discernible humor is the joke? Viewer awaits the conclusion of Sketch, anticipating some ingenious Comedic Twist that will justify the Sketch's apparent tedium.

4. Sketch concludes, sans Comedic Twist. Viewer is surprised, then shocked, then confused, then enraged.

5. Viewer wonders why Sketch Comedy Program is still broadcast on national television.

6. Viewer wishes Dave Chappelle would get his shit together and bring decent Sketch Comedy back to TV.

Posted by Joey at October 2, 2005 03:48 AM


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