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October 07, 2005

Movie Review: Elizabethtown


In director Cameron Crowe's new film, Elizabethtown, most of the plot revolves around Kirsten Dunst, who goes by some other name in the movie. I didn't catch the name, it may have been Carla or Clara or something like that. In the movie, Dunst is there, mostly being adorable and stuff. She wears different outfits in the movie, so you get to see different looks from her - not always the same look. All the different looks are totally adorable, which is the important thing here. If she only looked cute in one of the outfits, then they would have been better off just leaving her in that outfit. But since she looked good in all of the clothes they had her wearing, it was OK that they had her change clothes during the movie. She even wears a stewardess outfit which is totally hot.

Anyway, a lot of different stuff goes on in the movie, some of it happening in this town where a bunch of people live. I think the place was actually called "Elizabethtown" which is also the name of the movie! So the town is "chock full" of wacky people who try to be funny a lot, but aren't all that funny and aren't nearly as adorable as Kirsten Dunst is. After the town, there is this guy who drives around in a car for awhile, listening to some radio station where Kirsten is supposed to be the DJ I think. This was the worst part of the movie because it's just this dude driving around, and you don't see much of Kirsten because she's only talking on the radio. And it doesn't make sense anyway because girls who sound cute on the radio are never all that cute in real life, so why would Kirsten Dunst work for a radio station when she's totally adorable and she's supposed to be working as a stewardess anyway? She looked HOT as a stewardess.

So the guy drives around, then meets up with Kirsten again, and they make out for a while. And that's pretty much the movie.

In my opinion, this movie was OK, but not as good as it could have been, so I'll give it three and a half Joeys.


Elizabethtown opens October 14.

Posted by Joey at October 7, 2005 03:45 AM


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