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September 27, 2005

Joey goes Digital, part 2

A few days ago I got DirecTV installed at my place... and I said I was going to keep a DirecTV diary to relate my TV watching experiences. As you may have noticed, no such diary has materialized. In fact, nothing has appeared on this site since I got my DirecTV (with its 4000 channels of digital goodness).

Well, that was pretty predictable, wasn't it? See, there was something I didn't consider when I promised to do the diary. At the time, I didn't realize that in order to post on this site, I would have to actually stop watching DirecTV long enough to sit down at the computer and write something. Clearly, that wasn't going to happen.

Here's the problem: Back with my old cable TV system, there were only 50 channels. So I would turn on the TV, and it would take me about 5-10 minutes to flip through all the channels and see that there was nothing on worth watching. Then I would go back to writing angry rants on the internet... or downloading porn. Whichever. But now that I have 7000 channels, by the time I'm done flipping through all of them, an hour has gone by (at least), and there's a good chance that half the channels I'd already checked have something new on. So I have to check them all over again. Some might call this a "vicious circle", but I prefer to think of it as "an optimal excuse for not having a girlfriend". The point is, since the satellite got installed, I've scarcely left the warm embrace of my 100% digital signal. And if I wasn't going to leave the TV to eat or bathe or urinate into something more appropriate than an empty coke can, I sure as hell wasn't going to leave just so I could update some stupid website.

The good news is that I seem to have developed a tolerance over the last 48 hours. I can now drag myself away from the TV for brief periods... just long enough for me to post on this site... assuming I can get my hands to stop shaking while I type. Withdrawl's a bitch. Anyway, I'm hoping my tolerance increases over the next few days so that I can resume a regular posting schedule... at least until October 5th. That's when the NHL season starts, and my Center Ice package kicks in. Wouldn't count on hearing much from me after that.

Posted by Joey at September 27, 2005 02:22 AM


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