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September 08, 2005

iPod na-NO

Great. Just great.

Now when I tell someone they can take their mp3 collection and shove it up their ass, they can go and do it. Literally.


Look, I'm all for iPods. Anything that drowns out the the sound of other human beings while I'm out in public places is a good thing. But can someone please tell me what I can do with an iPod nano that I couldn't already do with an iPod mini? You remember the mini - it was pretty small, right? Or was the much touted smallness of that device nothing but a big fat lie? When Apple named it the "mini" were they just fucking with us? Apparently they were... since the mini was eliminated from Apple's product line to make way for the nano.

And let's not forget about the iPod shuffle. It's smaller than a pack of gum! I know for a fact that packs of gum are pretty small.

You ever heard someone complain that a pack of gum is "just too big" and "needs to be made smaller"? I haven't. Maybe that explains why the Wrigley Corporation hasn't come out with "Doublemint nano" or "nanoMint Double".


Posted by Joey at September 8, 2005 02:15 AM


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