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August 22, 2005

I Dream of Supercross

Last week, I was watching late night TV. Some talk show. They had on an actor from Supercross: The Movie, an action-sports popcorn flick that opened nationwide last Friday. As I fell asleep, I was listening to this actor talking about the movie, and it didn't sound very appealing. But I was wrong. As it turns out, Supercross is an outstanding movie.


You wouldn't know it from the reviews, though. Of the 49 reviews compiled at rottentomatoes.com, only one of them would be considered positive - and that one comes from a woman who refers to herself as the "Movie Mom". Doesn't inspire much confidence, especially when you consider that the best she could say about the movie was that "it manages to stay out of the way of its minor pleasures by not trying to be more complicated than it needs to be." I've tried parsing that statement three times already and I'm still not sure it's actually a compliment. As for the rest of the reviews, the news isn't good. Reviewers complain that the movie focuses on action shots of careening motorcycles to the expense of... well, pretty much everything else: character development, plot, gunplay. Despite these piss poor reviews, I very much enjoyed Supercross: The Movie.

Now, I haven't actually seen this film in the theaters. Rather, I dreamt it.

Last week, when I fell asleep watching that talk show, my mind must have glommed on to the general themes of this movie, as descibed by the talk show participants. That night, as I slept, I actually dreamt Supercross: The Movie. Let me tell you - it was excellent! There was plenty of action, hot chicks, witty dialogue. On the downside, the plot didn't make much sense. Honestly, I'm not sure there was any plot there at all... but from the reviews I've read, the theatrical release doesn't have much plot either, and you have to drive your ass to a movie theater to see that version. And you can't beat the convenience of experiencing a first run movie in the comfort of your own home... while you sleep! The way I see it, dreaming movies may be your best entertainment value.

Because God knows no one should have to pay to see this shit.

Posted by Joey at August 22, 2005 02:14 AM


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